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Paint Mountain Hillbillies
Earth Cinema Circle

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The Paint Mountain Hillbillies, Natures Nursery.
Oak trees, Hickory trees, Laural bushes,
Blackberry vines, Poplar Trees, Mountain ferns
and more to come
Hickory trees, click on thumbnails to see larger pictures
Grown hickory trees
Young Laural and blooms, click on pictures to enlarge
Young Oaks and Laural
Young Poplar Tree
Poplar, Hickory and Laural
Mountain Ferns
Wild Touch Me Nots
Large White
Oak Trees
Email me for more information,
please put Plants in subject...
Click above to email me or email me;
I receive many email's so it would
help if you put Plants, trees or
nursery in subject.
Blackberry Vines
Oak trees
None of these plants were planted by man! They were planted and raised by
nature. They will be ready to ship has soon as the sap goes down. (December,
January) These plants are 3 years old or better except for the Blackberry vines
I need to know if anyone is
interested in purchasing
any of these plants
BEFORE the leaves fall off
so I can "tag" them. Let me
know if you are interested
real soon!