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Paint Mountain is located in the Great Smokie Mountains in Greeneville TN and
boarders North Carolina. Paint Mountain Road is Connected to the Historical Houston
Valley road named for, you guessed it, Sam Houston! There are many stories about
Paint Mountain and will be listed here in this site with BEAUTIFUL PICTURES of wild
life, Nature and farm life. Paint Mountain Road used to be the way to get to Ashville
NC where farmers and family would travel to sell their goods. It is a beautiful back
way to Hot Springs, NC and Ashville NC. The NC state line is about 4 miles away
from this cabin. This is also a bear sanctuary and is loaded with wild life that you can
hunt such as Deer, Turkey, Grouse and more. There is also trout fishing at Paint
Creek and many different kinds of fishing at the French Broad River. There have also
been Indian and civil war battles in this area. The local people here are for the most
part God fearing and very friendly. In fact, My church IS Pine Springs Baptist Church.
Stop by and say hello and please say hi for me, Michael. For more info please email
me @
The leaves are turning so this would be a great time to ride through this mountain.
When you get to the end of Paint Mountain Road, turn left to follow Paint Creek up
the mountain or turn left to visit historical Paint Rock (Indian Battle Site) and drive
along side the French Broad to Hot Springs and Ashville NC. Also visit Mount
Mitchell by going through Burnsville NC to Spruce Pine NC and take the turn toward
Marion NC BUT, get on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Little Switzerland. At this time of
year please take warm clothing with you! Trust me, I accidentally spent the night
while hunting on Mt Mitchell and almost froze to death! My Bic lighter saved my life!
More stories and pictures to come! By the way, Greene county is the ONLY county
in TN that has statues of soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. Greene County had
the mountain folk and what I like to call the flat landers. It was indeed a brother
against brother war in this area. One church down town still has a cannon ball in it. It
was also home to President Andrew Jackson and his small cabin is located down
town.  Oh ya, Iron Mountain is GREAT for you 4WD people. DON"T GET STUCK and
please don't go alone!
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Paint Mountain Hillbillies
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